We're always looking for new players, so if you're an open-minded athlete looking for your new favorite sport, come out and see what we're all about. Check out the FAQ for more information.
The Past
TCNJ Club Ultimate started in the fall of 2002 as merely an idea in the heads of some freshmen jonesin' to play Frisbee for their new school. By the spring of 2003 the "club" had evolved into an informal group of kids getting together to play once a week. We were having a great time, but were not official, had no funding, and didn't really have any goals for the future. However, that was all to change. The next fall we decided that we weren't going to mess around anymore. We got TCNJ Ultimate to be named as an official club sport of the college, which meant that we were now allowed to legally play on the fields that we had been playing on, and we could now get funding for tournaments and all of the wonderful ultimate accessories that we desired. We began practicing twice a week and acquired a semi-loyal group of players. By the Spring of 2004, we were practicing three times a week, preparing to finally get to play against other teams. In 2007, as the team began to create a name for itself, we went by the name Revolution, to symbolize our newfound focus.

The Present, 2012-2013
We are a team of dedicated players who aspire to reach the highest level of ultimate that The College has ever seen. This season we are ready to bring it with everything we've got. We have our eyes set on the UPA College Series, and we intend to make our presence known.
Spring 2013 Roster
Super-Seniors #19 Sam Paternastro
Seniors #17 Kevin Nelson (Captain)
#25 Dan Johnston (Captain)
#8 Josh Sender (Webmaster, Former Captain)
# Brian Graham (President)
# Thomas Adriaens
# Johnny Sisto
#13 Kyle Orr
# Ben Seifer 
# Francis Van Cleve
Juniors # Keith O'Handley (Treasurer)
# Brian Migliore (Social Chair)
# Jason Pfund
# Phillip Cap
# Tim Nugent
# Eric Ryan
# James O'Connor
# Ryan Gorz
# Adam Bowers
Sophomores # Kevin Lakritz (Captain)
# John Irvine
# Jim Etheridge
# Nathan Coyne
# Nick Cascia
# Dmitry Suvie
# Josh Kestenbaum
# CJ Gunningham
# Lucas Snarski

# Max Gruttadauria
# Chris Hranj
# Matt Judy
# Colin Kochenash
# Steven Wills
# Mike Jozwiak
# JT Schwindt

Alumni #22 Jack Frenchu (Former Captain)
#17 Connor Doyle (Former Captain)
#42 Patrick Reilly
#5 Hyenam Gehring
#15 Greg Owens (Former Captain)
#6 Ben Johnson (Former Captain)
#11 Jeff Mondoro
#77 Nick Battilan
#10 Jack Casey
#32 Mike Polizzo
#20 Declan French
#2 Jared Braun
#54 Matt Mates
#31 Jimmy Hung
#3 Jeremy Eckardt 
#4 Austin Bonelli
#24 David Stoddard
#9 Steve Dash
#18 Drew Shelton
#17 PJ Molski
#2 Matt Ross
#21 Brad Shensky
#28 Jameson Chin
#13 Travis Torsky
#14 James Leong
#12 Steve Lindner
#00 Neil Kaushal
#26 Scott Shelton
Mike Richman
Justin Wexler
Greg Zelenka
Spring 2013 Schedule
Practices Mondays: 4-6pm
Tuesdays: 3-5pm
Wednesdays: 3-5pm
Thursdays: 4-6pm
Fridays: 4-6pm
Tournaments Sectionals, Rider University / April 13-14, 2013
Regionals, Saratoga Springs / April 27-28, 2013
Prospective Players FAQ
I've never played ultimate before, is that a problem?
Absolutely not! We take any and all newcomers, and we're always willing to teach the game if you are willing to learn. These are the basics, but all you need is to be ready to run and have a good time. TCNJ is looking to expand its roster with new players, so if you are an open-minded athlete looking for your new favorite sport, we would love to have you.
When do you play?
Ultimate is played in both the fall and the spring seasons. The fall season is set up for getting the team together and teaching the fundamentals of the sport. The spring is the competitive season, which leads up to the UPA college series.
When do you practice?
We have practice scheduled every day from 4-6 on the Green Lane fields. School obviously comes first, so attending every practice is not mandatory, however most players try to make atleast 3 practices a week. Once winter rolls around, regular practices end and track practices begin, to get in shape for the spring season. In the spring we try to have less practices but more attendance at each practice so that we can make sure we are ready for sectionals.
What are tournaments like?
We attend roughly 3-4 tournaments in both the fall and spring seasons. Most are within a 3 hours drive, but we have gone as far as Virginia, Georgia, and Ohio to play. We generally play around 7 games in a weekend, depending on the setup. Tournaments are physically exhausting, so conditioning is one of our priorities. Yes, scheduling school and ultimate is difficult, but it is recommended that you attend as many tournaments as you can. Playing in a tournament is one of the best ways to improve your game.
Do I need any special equipment?
Ultimate is a great sport because the only equipment necessary is a disc. That being said, there are some other things that you should have. Cleats are a must for competitive ultimate. This is a good guide for buying cleats if you don't have a pair. For practice, bring a white and a dark shirt (so we can tell teams apart when we play or drill). Always bring water. If you have a disc, feel free to bring it, although we do have practice discs. We are selling discs with our team name on them as well, talk to someone on the team or email us if you're interested in buying one.
How do I join?
Send us an email or just show up at practice. We are always on the lookout for new players, so if you see us around campus, don't be shy. If you are a highschool student, let us know when you'll be visiting and we can arrange for you to meet the team, show you around campus, and come to one of our practices. We'd love to answer any of your questions about ultimate or TCNJ in general, so send us an email at tcnjultimate@gmail.com or in the contact form.