Membership in Adjunct Faculty Bargaining Unit
	Common Questions and Answers
                Page Last Revised:  02/21/2008   11:39 AM

Question 1 -  If a AFT Professional Staff (PS) employee is teaching as an Adjunct Faculty (AF), does she/he count as an AF for the purpose of 
     calculating the percentage of unit members who are UNION MEMBERS?
      NO - AFT Professional staff who occasionally teach remain in the FT/PT unit and cannot be members of the adjunct faculty unit. They are paid at 
                  the overload rate during the academic year and summer session rate during the summer.  Article XVI.J governs PS who teach.

Question 2 - If a non-faculty TCNJ employee who is not in any bargaining unit teaches as an AF, are they eligible to join the AFT and count 
       toward the membership level? 
      NO  -  If that individual, who would be either an administrator or manager is teaching a course occasionally, they cannot join the AFT 
                    bargaining unit.  The rate of pay is at the discretion of the president; we have no contractual say
                    in the matter and management is specifically excluded per Article I recognition clause of the Adjunct Faculty Agreement..

Question 3 - If a non-faculty TCNJ employee is in a bargaining unit other than the AFT, are they also in the AF bargaining unit and eligible to become 
     a member instead of remaining in the "agency fee" category. Correct?
     NO -  The Adjunct Unit Agreement Article I recognition clause excludes all persons at the State Colleges/Universities who are 
                  included in other bargaining units. 

If you have other questions related to membership in either the AFT's Adjunct Faculty Bargaining Unit or FT/PT Bargaining Unit, 
       contact Local 2364 at either 609/771-2783 or