Local 2364 Email Lists
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The College of New Jersey Federation of Teachers, Local 2364, AFT, maintains the following email lists in order to effectively communicate with various groups of both AFT MEMBERS and UNIT MEMBERS.

Individuals may be on more than one list. Every attempt will be made to avoid sending the same message to multiple email lists but that might not always be possible.

Please don't use the "Reply All" option unless your message is of interest to everyone else on that list. Some of the lists have as many as 400 subscribers.

Only the Local can add an individual to an email list

Only list members can send messages to a list and access that list's archives.

All TCNJ email lists now MUST have their addresses ending with:     @tcnjlists.tcnj.edu  
   or the email will not go through

Local 2364 Email Lists and Membership -
      Only the AFT can put an individual on any of these lists
      A message can only sent to one of these lists by a person on it

Membership ( Members / Non-members ) List Name
AFT Bargaining Unit  - M / NM tcnjftum-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
AFT Bargaining Unit - M tcnjftmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
AFT Bargaining Unit  - NM tcnjftnonmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
Faculty - FT/PT- M / NM facum-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
Faculty - FT/PT - M facmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
Faculty - FT/PT - NM facnonmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
AFT Professional Staff - M / NM psaftum-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
  AFT Professional Staff - M psaftmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
AFT Professional Staff - NM psaftnonmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
  Librarians - M / NM libum-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu 
  Librarians - M libmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu 
  Librarians - NM libnonmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu 
Adjunct Faculty - M / NM adjfacum-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
Adjunct Faculty - M adjfacmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
Adjunct Faculty - NM adjfacnonmem-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
 Department chairs & Program Coordinators aftchairs-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
 AFT Membership Reps aftmemrep-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu
 AFT Member Retirees retirees-l@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu

To remove yourself from a TCNJ an email list shown above: 
    1.  Go to:    http://tcnjlists.tcnj.edu/mailman/listinfo
    2.  Locate the list to which you either would like to unsubscribe and click on it
    3.  Follow the directions to either "Subscribe" or Unsubscribe"
    4.  To "Unsubscribe" DO NOT enter anything in any of the boxes.
           Click the box containing "Unsubscribe or edit options"
    5.  On the next screen enter your email address and leave the password box BLANK.
    6.  The click "Unsubscribe"
    7.  You will be sent an email to which you MUST respond in order to complete the process

If you would like to be on one of the AFT's email lists, send a request to  aft@tcnj.edu 

Archives - All emails sent to any AFT list are archived. Unfortunately, "Mailman", the program which archives emails, is not convenient to use the first time.

The first thing which must be done is to get the password "Mailman" assigns to you for that list. This is done by sending an email to LISTNAME-L-request@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu MAKING CERTAIN to INSERT the name of the list for which you want your password for LISTNAME-L in the email address.  For example:  tcnjftum-l-request@tcnjlists.tcnj.edu

The word "password" should be in the "Subject" line without the quote marks and the body of the email left blank. Your PW will be automatically sent to you by "Mailman."

If you have any questions about a list, contact aft@tcnj.edu  or 609-771-2783 for more information.