Faculty Range Adjustments and Professional Staff Promotions

The first round of both the Faculty Range Adjustment and Professional Staff Promotion programs has been completed although there were delays in having the final decisions made and applicants notified. The FRAP was instituted in response to the Stateís proposal that faculty in "high demand" fields could not be attracted to our colleges/universities at the salaries currently in our salary guide. We responded that all the salaries could be raised but they didnít not go along with our proposal. Rather they wanted to have some higher ranges available for selected new faculty at each current rank. We finally agreed to that plan as long as there were opportunities for current faculty to also move into those ranges. Up until this year, there have been no faculty hired at one of the "enhanced" ranges but, based on preliminary information from the Provostís office, 4 new faculty have offered positions at these elevated ranges, 2 in the School of Business and 2 in the School of Engineering.

Results - Changes retroactive to 2000:

    Applicants - 21
    Awards - 5

    Applicants 2
    Awards - 2

Because the process wasnít completed on time, we felt it was not appropriate to keep the April 15th application date for the next round and recommended that new applications not be due until the fall. It is our opinion that there are more faculty and professional staff who are eligible for these programs and everyone should have complete information about what happened this time before deciding whether or not to apply in the future.

As our suggestion, the Administration and AFT agreed to postpone the next cycle until the fall when a review of what happened this time has been completed and a report distributed to bargaining unit members. We feel this will provide valuable information to everyone and improve the likelihood that applications will be stronger and more likely of being successful.  If you have any questions about this matter, please let us know.