Professional Staff Promotion Program Approved      November 29, 2000

On October 25, 2000, a Union meeting of professional staff was held to discuss the "Professional Staff Promotions Program" tentative agreement, which was developed by and for professional staff members of the AFT bargaining unit. After discussion, a vote was taken and the result was fifteen in favor of the approving the agreement with one abstention.

The agreement was recently signed by both the Administration and Union and is now in effect. This document, Memorandum of Agreement # 52, can be viewed on the web at:
as either a web page or MSWord file by making the appropriate choice.

During negotiations, your negotiating team, comprised of Ralph Edelbach, Jose Valentin, Tony Evangelisto, Roseann Conway, and John Krimmel convinced the Administration that prior to the normal promotion application deadline of April 15 for promotions to be effective on either July 1, 2001 for 12-month professional staff or September 1, 2001 for 10-month ones, there should be an opportunity to apply for range adjustments which would be retroactive to September 1, 2000.

The agreed-upon submission deadline is January 8, 2001, which should adequate time for professional staff who want to |apply for a retroactive promotion to have the opportunity to do so after the end-of-the-semester rush and holiday season are over.

If you are considering applying for a retroactive promotion, it is recommended that you review MOA-52, gather the required materials and submit them to your immediate supervisor by January 8, 2001. Feel free to contact the AFT office for assistance if you have any questions while completing your application.

Your negotiating team felt this program offers AFT-unit professional staff the opportunity to both be recognized for their achievements and to receive additional compensation, and should be appealing to many.

There is the requirement that Deans and the Provost prepare written statements indicating concurrence or non-concurrence with the assessment that was forwarded to them. The statements they prepare will be shared with the applicant at the same time as they move to the next level. Additionally, the President must provide an applicant with the reasons for a non-concurrence if the Provost makes a positive recommendation. These safeguards will, in our opinions, insure that there is accountability at all levels of the process.

The Administration assured us that anyone deserving of a promotion will be awarded one. It is our intention to closely monitor the process to make certain that it is working as originally discussed at state-wide negotiations and agreed upon by both the State and Union for our Master Agreement as well as what we negotiated on our campus. o