Resolution - April 2, 2003

Passed at the Meeting of the Local 2364, AFT, on April 2, 2003,
and Forwarded to the Provost on April 14, 2003.

“The Union protests the assertion of Provost Briggs that the transformed “teaching load for FT faculty will be 18 (contract says 24) teaching contact hours. We demand a written statement from Provost Briggs that teaching under the transformation will really be equivalent to the current 24 teaching credit hours.”

Response from Provost Stephen Briggs to Local 2364’s Resolution

Received  April 24, 2003 

I have indicated publicly on several occasions my support for the recommendations made in the report (dated 5/1/02) that was issued jointly by the Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) and the Committee on Faculty Affairs (CFA).  For example, in my opening letter for Fall 2002, I encouraged faculty to read this report, indicting my endorsement of it and stating clearly that I “recommended to President Gitenstein that we act to implement its recommendations as a priority during the coming academic year” (italics in the original).  The President incorporated this recommendation in her opening address and her institutional goals for the campus, and the work of faculty and staff – both in the governance system and in the schools and departments – has progressed accordingly this year.


The CAP/CFA report includes the following statement:

“Faculty have a core set of responsibilities that they must collectively meet:  teaching, scholarship, advisement, and service.  Under a transformed system, faculty will teach the equivalent of three standard courses a semester.  As part of their core responsibilities, they will make persistent efforts to remain current in their fields and provide intensive learning experiences for their students.  Teaching will account for the equivalent of 18 of the 24 credit hours that faculty are bound to provide by the State (as stipulated by the AFT contract).  During the implementation phase, the number of faculty course preparations should be addressed.”  (5/01/02; III.A., p. 8).


The Spring 2003 CFA report (“On implementing the 3-3 workload for faculty”), that has been distributed to the campus and is currently being finalized, builds on the May 2002 report and considers a number of implementation issues related to this revised workload model.


Thus, in response to your request, I affirm again my support for the recommendations contained in the workload reports that have been issued successively by the Faculty Senate workgroups (3/19/01, 10/31/01, and 11/28/01) and the Committee on Faculty Affairs (5/1/02 and 2/28/03).  These documents have all been circulated widely and are available on the Academic Affairs website (and also via a link from the AFT website).


 Stephen Briggs  Provost  4/24/03


Note from Ralph – Do we want to take him up on his offers to either with us or have a  Q and A 
     document in which the faculty ask the questions and he responds?