"Modified Duties" Information
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It has been the practice on our campus that under certain circumstances, FT faculty who were going to be on a leave for a few weeks during a semester to be given another assignment in lieu of teaching the classes they nromally would have been asisgned. This has come to be referred to as "modified duties."

If, for example, a FT faculty member is going to be on leave of at least a few weeks at the beginning of a semester, it has often been considered appropriate to have the person who filled-in during the time the normal faculty member was not in the classroom, to continue to teach the class for the entire semester rather than replace them when a leave ends. The normal faculty member returning from their leave would assume some agreed-upon assignment instead of returning to the classroom.

Although this process appears to have generally worked well, evidently there have been some individuals who felt that they had not been informed that something of this nature was possible or felt they were not provided with accurate information about how to initiate this type of conversation with their chairperson or dean.

As a result of those concerns, the Committee on Faculty Affairs of the Faculty Senate has been discussing whether to recommend that the College have a formal policy regarding this matter. They have also reviewed this issue with the AFT. It is expected that more discussions will take place this semester and a decision made about how to insure that everyone is treated fairly and equitably in this regard.

If anyone has any questions about this issue, please contact the Local at aft@tcnj.edu .