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"Non-Limited" Title, Work and Compensatory Time Information

  1. Local 2364's NL Proposal - Feb 2008

  2. TCNJ's NL Counter Proposal - Dec 2, 2010

There are currently 5 institutions in our system which have negotiated "Non-Limited" Compensatory Time agreements with their administrations. Although they differ somewhat in their specifics, they generally standardize the way in which AFT professional staff and librarians are compensated for occasions when they are required to spend extra time on the job and insure that the process for doing this is handled uniformly for all AFT employees across the campus.

This issue has been of concern to some TCNJ AFT professional staff and librarians for some time and now that there is a side letter of agreement in our new contract relating to this matter, we have the opportunity to address it for all AFT professional staff. Even though there are many AFT professional staff on our campus who have good working relationships with their supervisors and handle compensatory time appropriately, the Local feels that all AFT professional staff and librarians are entitled to the same benefits in this regard. Whether a person receives compensatory time for working above and beyond what is required should not depend on one's relationship with their supervisor but be the result of an agreed-upon process.

This is permitted under the New Jersey Annotated Codes (N.J.A.C.) in 4A:3-5(d)-2 which states in part:

“Employees in non-limited titles (NL, NE) who meet unusual work time requirements may, at the discretion of the appointing authority, be compensated through either a provision for flexible work patterns or a grant of comparable amounts of time off to a maximum of one hour for each hour of unusual work time…”

Our goal, reflected in the "Non-limited" Compensatory Time proposal we developed, is to institute a process on our campus which is both fair for TCNJ's AFT professional staff as well as librarians and permissible under State statute. We believe it will also be of benefit to the College and avoid potentially time-consuming problems in the future.

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