Date:         March 31, 2003
To:            Full-time / part-time faculty members- Local 2364
From:        Ralph Edelbach, President, Local 2364, AFT
Subject:     Survey on “Curriculum Transformation”

Enclosed are the materials needed in order to participate in the survey on “curriculum transformation.”

1.  This survey form – 2 sides
2.  A small unmarked ballot envelope

Please mark your choice for each item as indicated.

Place the completed survey into the small unmarked envelope and seal it. 
Do not write anything on this envelope.

Place the small envelope into the addressed pink, inter-office return envelope.

Print your name and department clearly on the front, in the upper left hand corner
position,. of a pink, inter-office envelope, sign your name across the closure flap and
mail it to: 
Local 2364, AR 130. It must be received by on Wednesday, Apr 9>
Your responses will be anonymous.

A.  Support for the proposed curriculum transformation -  ( please select only one of the 5 choices below )

1.          ____  I am very much in favor of the transformed curriculum.

2.          ____  I am generally in favor of the transformed curriculum but believe it has some negative aspects.

3.          ____  I am generally not in favor of the transformed curriculum but believe it has some positive aspects.

4.          ____  I am very much not in favor of transformed curriculum.

5.          ____  I am undecided or neutral on the issue of transforming the curriculum.

If you checked # 3 or # 4 above and are opposed to implementing the proposed transformed curriculum, what are the reasons for your position? Please indicate all the reasons which you feel are appropriate.

6.     ____  The quality of the education given to our students will suffer compared to what they
now receive.

7.     ____  The level of work required of faculty in teaching the new “enhanced” courses is likely to remain the same under the proposed transformed curriculum as is currently required for teaching
4 of the current “normal” courses or increase.

8.     ____  This change will lead to potentially greater administrative influence over faculty.

9.     ____  Students will not be willing to put in the extra time and effort to make the
intensified courses function as intended.

Other:  ( please specify )  ___________________________________________________________


B.  To what extent do you understand how the transformed curriculum is expected to
function on our campus?   ( optional )

____  Very well       ____  Well       ____ Moderately Well        ___ Not well      ____  Not at all

( over )

C.  Attitudes Toward a Transformed Curriculum -   ( optional )

Please use the following ratings when responding to items # 10  through  23 below.

A = Very Likely                        B = Likely                        C = Neutral                        D = Unlikely                        E = Very Unlikely

In your opinion:

10.  _____  I will be able to make my course/s more “intensive” under the transformed curriculum.

11.  _____  Students will not welcome the “intensification” of their courses.

12.  _____  Students will rate instructors lower if courses are “intensified” and made more demanding.

13.  _____  There will be much more work for faculty involved with all aspects of teaching “intensified” courses.

14.  _____  Under this new curriculum, there will be greater equity among faculty regarding the allocation of “alternate assignment time” for research and scholarship.

15.  _____  Under the proposed curriculum, there will be greater equity among faculty regarding the allocation of “alternate assignment time” for administration responsibilities.

16.  _____  The proposed curriculum will produce students better prepared to move into the world of work than the current system.

17.  _____  I expect to have more time under the proposed curriculum to engage in research and scholarship.

18.  _____  Teaching at TCNJ will become less important under the proposed curriculum than it is today.

19.  _____  This change will make TCNJ even more prestigious and noteworthy in the world of higher education.

20.  _____  Ultimately there will not be much difference between most courses being offered now and those which will be offered under the transformed curriculum.

21.  _____  I will expect students to do more out-of-class work to compensate for the fact that they
will be taking 20% fewer courses during their collegiate career.

22.  _____  Our students will be better prepared for graduate school under the proposed curriculum.

23.  _____  The proposed curriculum will be more expensive to operate than the current one.

D.  General Information -  ( optional )

Years in higher education   ______                                Years at TCNJ  ___________

School  __________________________             Department  ________________________________

Rank   ( please circle appropriate title )  --     Professor       Associate      Assistant      Instructor




( Y:msword/aft/election/tc-ballot-ft.doc )