The TCNJ Astronomy Club is dedicated toward helping the college community to understand the universe around them and to giving people the opportunity to fully enjoy and appreciate the many wonders outside of our own planet. This is accomplished in a multitude of ways, pending greatly on an individuals interests and wants to become involved. For the casual observers we work with the observatories, hold semesterly viewing events of stars and the sun, and invite prestigious speakers to come present on our campus. Members of the club enjoy the meetings, wherein we learn more about astronomical news and objects, and take part in various trips and opportunities to meet scientists and astronomers. Finally, those with a great interest to go further into the realm of science can become involved in the cosmology group, which meets every other week to talk about a topic in the realm of cosmology and astrophysics chosen by one of the members who then does some research into that area in order to give a brief introduction presentation and facilitate discussion. We hope through our efforts to dispel many of the myths and misconceptions people have about this universe in which we live, as well as to make the sky more than just a pretty unknown.