Possible Future Projects

Electrathon Racing

Electrothon Race Car

Electrathon Race Vehicle

As Emeritus Faculty, I would be interested in organizing a group of students to design and build a single person, lightweight, aerodynamic, high efficiency, electric vehicle, with three or four wheels of 16" diameter or larger. The vehicle would be powered by a deep cycle lead acid battery pack which could not exceed 64 pounds. The final vehicle would be designed to meet the specific design and safety requirements specified by ELECTRATHON AMERICA

One future goal of this project could be to help secondary schools in our region develop Electrathon vehicle projects of their own, and then establish The College of New Jersey as a regional center for competitive events.

Team requirements:

2 to 3 - Mechanical Engineering Students with mechanisms and fluids experiences. Must have completed all Electrical Core Courses, also—

1 to 2 - Electrical engineering Students with microprocessor experiences. Must have completed all Mechanical Core Courses.

Human Powered Vehicles

Recumbent Bike

Alternate Bicycle Designs

As Emeritus Faculty, I would like to assemble a team of students to research and develop a variety of ALTERNATE BICYCLE DESIGNS. Students engaged in these projects would design and fabricate high efficiency upright, prone, or recumbent bicycles. The goal of this activity is to explore the human factors, aerodynamics and safety advantages of alternate bicycle design, as well as investigate alternative materials for use in prototype construction. The bicycles would incorporate full or partial fairing, and adhere to either the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA) regulations for possible competition in the IHPVA speed championships, or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Human Powered Vehicle Challenge.

Team requirements:

2 to 3 - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING STUDENTS with mechanisms and fluids experiences.