Anthropometric Bicycle Research Assignment

 Anthropometric Bicycle

Research Assignment _________________________________

 TST 161 - Asper

 Using your personal manikin, design a one-person bicycle or based upon your personal anthropometric data. The goal of this design will be to design for your personal bicycling comfort while providing a realistic (if not necessarily traditional) riding position. Therefore, your bicycle may or may not fit any other person.

 As a starting point, you will use your personal manikin to scale the first prototype bicycle or tricycle. Therefore, your ¼ scale manikin will be used to create a ¼ scale drawing of your design. With a view to economy, you will specify standard bicycle wheel sizes, and standard pedal and crank dimensions. Your research will need to determine standard sizes for these parts, and your design will need to recognize these standard sizes and their relationship with your personal manikin sizes.

The submittal of your design will include at least ¼ scale, side view drawing of your bicycle, including annotations concerning materials, sizes, etc. You will probably need to obtain a larger piece of paper for this presentation. Your personal manikin will fit this drawing. Your manikin will be mounted to this ¼ scale drawing only by the torso (leaving the arms and legs free to move). You will also prepare a design presentation for a potential client that will include an isometric or perspective presentation drawing of the bicycle. This presentation drawing will include appropriate shading, shadow and texture. This illustration does not need to be ¼ scale.

 Note: although the term bicycle is used generally to describe a two-wheel vehicle, for the purpose of this design problem you should also consider a three-wheeled (tricycle) vehicle.


Anthropometric Bicycle
Evaluation _____________________________________________________
General Comments: ______________________________________________




______ Quality of overall presentation (20)

______ ¼ Scale side view drawing (20)

______ Appropriate annotations (5)

______ Fit of "Personal Manikin" with pedaling system (10)

______ Fit of "Personal Manikin" with steering system (10)

______ Isometric/Perspective drawing (20)

______ Shading (5)

______ Shadow (5)

______ Texture (5)

__________ Total Score


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