The "Endless Mountains"

Susquehanna County, PA

We began looking for a summer place in the late 80s. To organize our search, we drew a two hour travel circle centered on our permanent home. Starting at the Jersey Shore, we began making weekend trips further and further south staying within our two hour circle. For almost ten years we made regular weekend trips to the Jersey Shore, as well as South Jersey and Delaware Bay, and eventually into the Pocono Mountains. During the entire time, we found almost nothing that was, 1) within our price range, 2) was not over-crowded, or 3) that was not in danger of being washed away in the next storm.

It was in a casual discussion with a neighbor/colleague where it was suggested that our two hour circle was too small. She suggested that we should enlarge the circle to three hours. Of course we couldn't go any further east than we had already gone, so we began investigating the southern Delaware Bay area both in New Jersey and in Delaware, as far south as Lewis, and the mouth of Delaware Bay. Still seeing the same things that we had been seeing in previous years - overpriced properties, crowds of people on the beaches and traffic jams on the roads - we thought that we needed to rethink what it was that we were looking for. We decided to stop looking at beachfront properties or for that matter any tidal water properties, and concentrate our efforts on fresh water lake properties. To address the problems of overcrowded beaches and overpriced properties, we also decided that we would concentrate on small private lakes that were large enough to support good fishing, small enough to eliminate water skiing and jet skis, and a homeowners association powerful enough to keep it that way.

Although we seldom read the "Princeton Packet", a private ad in the real-estate section of that paper led us to the "Endless Mountains Region" of Susquehanna County, PA. As the north-eastern most county in Pennsylvania, its northern border was just south of Binghamton NY, easily accessible from the south by Interstate 81, and right on our three hour circle. The purchase of a county map (our first task when investigating a new area) revealed what seemed to be dozens of lakes that might meet our criterion. We obviously found one and bought this place in the spring of 1997.

Where everybody catches their first fish. From Joseph in 01, Anthony in 02, Annamaria in 03, Christina in 04, Jillian in 06, Vincent in 07, and Olivia in 07.

Building the Pergola, summer 1998.

Winter on the lake.

Remodel the bath, summer 1999.

Remodel the kitchen, summer 2000.

Building the fence, fall 2003.

Building the new Dock With Joseph, summer 2006

Building the new deck and boat ramp with Joseph, summer 2007

Wiring new deck and solar charger with Anthony, summer 2007

Sunset on the lake.

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