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Notable Books for a Global Society - 2006 List
(Outstanding K-12 Multicultural Literature)


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Selection Committee


Interest Level Code:
P - Primary (PreK-1st grade)
ME = Middle Elementary (2nd - 3rd grade)
UE = Upper Elementary (4th - 5th grade)
MS = Middle School (6th - 8th grades)
YA = Young Adult (9th grade and above)
All = Broad general interest

Genre Code:
PB = Picture Book
HF = Historical Fiction
F = Fantasy/Science Fiction
NF = Nonfiction
BIO = Biography
RF = Realistic Fiction
FL = Folk Literature

All these books were copyright in 2005:

Ahmadi, Farah. The story of my life: An Afghan girl on the other side of the sky. New York: Simon and Schuster.

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. Hitler youth: Growing up in Hitler's shadow. New York: Scholastic.

Carling, Amelia Lau.Sawdust carpets. Toronto: Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre.

Carvell, Marlene. Sweetgrass basket. New York: Dutton.

Chamberlin, Mary and Chamberlin, Rich. Mama Panya's pancakes: A village tale from Kenya. Illus. by Julia Cairns. Cambridge, MA: Barefoot Books.

Cheng, Andrea. Shanghai messenger. Illus. by Ed Young. New York: Lee and Low Books.

Giovanni, Nikki. Rosa. Illus. by Bryan Collier. New York: Henry Holt and Company.

Hillman, Laura. I will plant you a lilac tree: A Memoir of a Schindler's list survivor. New York: Atheneum.

Johnson-Davis, Denys. Goha the wise fool. Illus. by Hag Handy and Hany. New York: Philomel.

Jurmain, Suzanne. The forbidden schoolhouse: The true and dramatic story of Prudence Crandall and her students. New York: Houghton Mifflin.

Krinitz, Esther Nisenthal, and Steinhardt, Bernice. Memories of survival. New York: Hyperion.

Lester, Julius. The Old African. Illus. by Jerry Pinkney. New York: Dial Books.

Millman, Isaac. Hidden child. New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.

Nelson, Marilyn. A wreath for Emmett Till. Illus. by Philippe Lardy. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Park, Linda Sue. Project mulberry. New york: Clarion.

Rappaport, Doreen. The school is not white! A true story of the Civil Rights Movement. Illus. by Curtis James. New York: Hyperion.

Reich, Susanna. José!: Born to dance: The story of José Limon. Illus. by Raul Colon: New York: Simon & Schuster.

Ruurs, Martriet. My librarian is a camel: How books are brought to children around the world. New York: Boyds Mills Press.

Say, Allen. Kamishibai man. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Staples, Suzanne Fisher. Under the persimmon tree. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Tal, Eve. Double crossing. El Paso, TX: Cinco Puntos Press.

Weatherford, Carole Boston. A Negro league scrapbook. Honesdale: Boyds Mills Press.

Williams, Mary. Brothers in hope: The story of the lost boys of Sudan. Illus. by R. Gregory Christie. New York: Lee & Low books.

Woodson, Jacqueline. Show way. Illus. by Hudson Talbott. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

Yoo, Paula. Sixteen years in sixteen seconds. Illus. by Don Lee. New York: Lee & Low.


Selection Committee

Sue Chase Corbin, Chair, Shaker Heights Middle School, OH
Nancy Hadaway, Co-chair,University of Texas at Arlington
Carolyn Angus,
Past Chair Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA
April Bedford, University of New Orleans, LA
Jo Ann Brewer
, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA
Shirley B. Ernst,
Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT
Cyndi Giorgis
, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, NV
Linda Leonard Lamme
, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Janelle Mathis, University of North Texas, Denton, TX
Mary Napoli, Penn State, Harrisburg, PA



This list (along with annotations, teaching ideas, and related books for each title) is available in The Dragon Lode (24/1), Fall 2005, In press.

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