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Anthony Chin: Digital Artist


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Anthony works primarily as a digital video editor and video effects artist to create an enticing visual storytelling experience. His interest in video includes research in production, pre-production, and post-production. Much of his research involves discussion of how the story is told and how visual elements affect the telling of that story. By doing this, Anthony has contributed cinematography direction to several collaborative projects in video and animation. He also works independently on short satirical videos.

Apart from his work in video, Anthony also works in other forms of art. He takes an interest in interactivity and kinetic sculpture. To meet these interests, he often works with the web, programming languages, and electronics. He sees technology as a chance to explore the limitless possibilities of the push of a button. Outside of the digital realm, he also practices in more traditional forms of art such as drawing and photography.

Anthony’s artistic work most often focuses on states of consciousness and mental processes. His interest in technology stems from an interest in how things work, including people. The reactions prompted by his work consider how our non-physical beings can affect our lives in physical ways.

Artistic Proficiencies: Digital video, visual effects, web design, programming, drawing, photography, electronics, sculpture.

Computing Languages: HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP.

Technical Proficiencies: Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Processing, Arduino, Photoshop, Illustrator, Combustion, Composite, Maya, Logic Pro.




Last Update: October 1, 2013