Tim Clydesdale, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

The College of New Jersey


Click image to go to the University of Chicago Press webpage, or here to order from Amazon.com

Visit the Changing Spirituality of Emerging Adults project website, and learn "Who are Emerging Adults?" through an engaging forum of 15 essays and associated commentaries.

Read my essay in the Jan 23 2009 Chronicle Review:  "Wake up and smell the new epistemology."

Now in fourth printing: The First Year Out: Understanding American Teens after High School. (University of Chicago Press, 2007).  Check out:


Lang's Chronicle column about the book -- "The Myth of First-Year Enlightenment" and Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching podcast with James Lang, on teaching first-year students


scholarly reviews in College Composition and Communication; Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare; Journal of College Student Development; Teaching Sociology; Qualitative Sociology; Contemporary Sociology; Journal for Scientific Study of Religion; Canadian Journal of Sociology;


book review by UC-Berkeley chaplain; by Derek Melleby of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (& an interview with me -- cited also by Rick Lawrence of Group Magazine); by Katie Beres in NACADA Journal;


from the Blogosphere: Teagle Foundation blog by its president, Bob Conner, about my book and related works; Association of College & Research Libraries blog; anonymous blog about the book's "Author Meets Critics" session at Eastern Sociological Society meetings in NYC 23-Feb-08; John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy commentary by its executive vice president, Jane Shaw; Wall Street Journal "Informed Reader" blurb


read excerpts on Google Book; feature article from The Signal @ TCNJ; U. Chicago press release; TCNJ press release.

Read my op-ed: "Life after high school:  The real challenge." The Times (of Trenton, NJ). June 23, 2007, p. A11

Read my SSRC essay: "Abandoned, Pursued, or Safely Stowed?" (about the religious life of 1st year American undergraduates).  Review the entire forum: http://religion.ssrc.org/reforum/

Read about: The Life & Vocation of American Youth Project, generously funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc.


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