Current & Recent Projects

in progress:
The Life & Vocation of American Youth Project: A National Evaluation of PTEV's Impact on College Students & Their Mentors. Generously funded by The Lilly Endowment.  Read an article about the project, or learn more about PTEV.

also in progress:
The Life after College Project
: A 'sort-of' sequel to The First Year Out, featuring before and after interviews with college-educated young adults from across the U.S. and Australia.

"Wake up and smell the new epistemology." The Chronicle Review. January 23, 2009.

The First Year Out:  Understanding American Teens after High School.  (in Morality & Society Series, edited by Alan Wolfe)  University of Chicago Press, 2007

Op-Ed: "Life after high school:  The real challenge." The Times (of Trenton, NJ).  June 23, 2007, p. A11.

"Abandoned, Pursued, or Safely Stowed." (Essay for Social Science Research Council's web forum on The Religious Engagements of American Undergraduates) February 2007.

"Affirmative Action in American Law Schools: A Critical Response to Richard Sander's "A Reply to Critics"," with Richard O Lempert, William C. Kidder, David L. Chambers. University of Michigan Legal Working Paper Series. University of Michigan John M. Olin Center for Law & Economics Working Paper Series. Working Paper 60. (February 2006).

"The Real Impact of Eliminating Affirmative Action in American Law Schools: An Empirical Critique of Richard Sander's Study." with David L. Chambers, William C. Kidder, and Richard O. Lempert. Stanford Law Review. May, 2005.  

"A Forked River Runs Through Law School:  Toward Understanding Race, Gender, Age, and Related Gaps in Law School Performance and Bar Passage" Law and Social Inquiry Vol 29 (4): 711-69, 2004.


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