2nd Quarter

T3-10T29Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.
T3-10T29Jeff Struble pass complete to Leeaire Brown for 14 yards to the TCNJ43, 1ST DOWN TCNJ (Tim Weber;Tim Hall).
T1-10T43Jeff Struble rush for 4 yards to the TCNJ47 (Damian Aliseo).
T2-6T47Jeff Struble pass incomplete to Alan Kotteles.
T3-6T47Jeff Struble pass incomplete to Leeaire Brown, PENALTY BROCKPRT offside defense 6 yards to the BROCKPRT47, 1ST DOWN TCNJ, NO PLAY.
T1-10B47Jeff Struble pass complete to Dan Dornacker for 6 yards to the BROCKPRT41 (Damian Aliseo;Joe Pereira).
T2-4B41Jeff Struble rush for no gain to the BROCKPRT41 (Dale Buck), PENALTY BROCKPRT face mask 5 yards to the BROCKPRT36, 1ST DOWN TCNJ, NO PLAY.
T1-10B36Leeaire Brown rush for 4 yards to the BROCKPRT32 (Nate Bowerman).
T2-6B32Jeff Struble pass incomplete to Jeff deZutter.
T3-6B32Jeff Struble pass incomplete to Dan Dornacker.
T4-6B32Matt Dalessio punt 32 yards to the BROCKPRT0, touchback.
Drive: 9 plays, 39 yards, TOP 02:27
B1-10B20BROCKPRT drive start at 12:41 (2nd).
B1-10B20Zack Luke pass complete to Tim Lowe for 8 yards to the BROCKPRT28 (Todd Mayes).
B2-2B28Garet Lynch rush for 1 yard to the BROCKPRT29 (Josh Baker).
B3-1B29Garet Lynch rush for no gain to the BROCKPRT29 (Todd Mayes;Matt Andzell).
B4-1B29TM punt BLOCKED, recovered by BROCKPRT Adam Collister at BROCKPRT41 (blocked by Justin Laurence).
Drive: 3 plays, 9 yards, TOP 02:18
T1-10B41TCNJ drive start at 10:23 (2nd).
T1-10B41Change of possession, BROCKPRT ball on BROCKPRT41, 1st and 10.
B1-10B41BROCKPRT drive start at 10:23 (2nd).
B1-10B41Zack Luke pass complete to Mike Mahoney for 32 yards to the TCNJ27, 1ST DOWN BROCKPRT (Mike Ferris).
B1-10T27Zack Luke pass complete to Mike Bond for 15 yards to the TCNJ12, 1ST DOWN BROCKPRT (Miles Shanklin;Derek Tranchina).
B1-10T12Brian Wise rush for 12 yards to the TCNJ0, 1ST DOWN BROCKPRT, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:38.
Adam Lanctot kick attempt good.
Drive: 3 plays, 59 yards, TOP 00:45
Adam Lanctot kickoff 51 yards to the TCNJ14, Alan Kotteles return 18 yards to the TCNJ32 (Matthew Bennink;Adam Collister).
T1-10T32TCNJ drive start at 09:31 (2nd).
T1-10T32Alan Kotteles rush for 2 yards to the TCNJ34 (MikeMaciejewski).
Bell in at QB for TCNJ
T2-8T34Chris Bell pass complete to Ryan Ross for 7 yards to the TCNJ41 (MikeMaciejewski).
T3-1T41Leeaire Brown rush for 4 yards to the TCNJ45, 1ST DOWN TCNJ (Tim Weber;Damian Aliseo).
T1-10T45Chris Bell pass complete to Ryan Ross for 13 yards to the BROCKPRT42, 1ST DOWN TCNJ (Tim Weber;John Walther).
T1-10B42Chris Bell sacked for loss of 4 yards to the BROCKPRT46 (John Walther).
T2-14B46Chris Bell pass incomplete to Leeaire Brown (Tim Weber).
T3-14B46Chris Bell rush to the BROCKPRT42, fumble by Chris Bell recovered by TCNJ Chris Bell at BROCKPRT42.
T4-10B42Jeff Struble punt 31 yards to the BROCKPRT11, Brian Wise return 3 yards to the BROCKPRT14 (Travis Boff).
Drive: 7 plays, 26 yards, TOP 03:42
B1-10B14BROCKPRT drive start at 05:49 (2nd).
B1-10B14Garet Lynch rush for 1 yard to the BROCKPRT15 (Gary Bach).
B2-9B15Zack Luke pass complete to Robert Miles for 36 yards to the TCNJ49 (Josh Baker), PENALTY BROCKPRT illegal block 0 yards to the BROCKPRT15, NO PLAY.
B2-9B15Zack Luke pass complete to Robert Miles for 5 yards to the BROCKPRT20 (Miles Shanklin).
B3-4B20Garet Lynch rush for loss of 1 yard to the BROCKPRT19 (Justin Laurence;Miles Shanklin).
B4-5B19Collin Hoffmann punt 30 yards to the BROCKPRT49, Mike Ferris return 0 yards to the BROCKPRT49, fumble by Mike Ferris recovered by BROCKPRT Mike Vitale at BROCKPRT49.
Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 02:38
B1-10B49BROCKPRT drive start at 03:11 (2nd).
B1-10B49Zack Luke pass complete to Brian Wise to the TCNJ45, fumble forced by Dan Jacoby, fumble by Brian Wise recovered by TCNJ Sullivan Parker at TCNJ45, Sullivan Parker for 35 yards to the BROCKPRT20, out-of-bounds.
Drive: 1 plays, 6 yards, TOP 00:15
T1-10B20TCNJ drive start at 02:56 (2nd), TCNJ ball on BROCKPRT20.
T1-10B20Chris Bell pass intercepted by Joe Pereira at the BROCKPRT8, Joe Pereira return 24 yards to the BROCKPRT32 (Chris Bell).
Drive: 1 plays, 0 yards, TOP 00:12
B1-10B32BROCKPRT drive start at 02:44 (2nd).
B1-10B32Zack Luke pass complete to Mike Mahoney for 20 yards to the TCNJ48, 1ST DOWN BROCKPRT (Andrew Larkin).
B1-10T48Brian Wise rush for loss of 3 yards to the BROCKPRT49 (Dan Jacoby).
B2-13B49Zack Luke pass complete to Matt McCormick for 12 yards to the TCNJ39 (N. Steffner), PENALTY BROCKPRT personal foul 15 yards to the BROCKPRT46.
B2-16B463rd and 16.
B3-16B46Zack Luke pass incomplete to Mike Mahoney (Sullivan Parker).
B4-16B46Collin Hoffmann punt 28 yards to the TCNJ26, Ryan Ross return to the TCNJ31 (Charles Bachi), PENALTY TCNJ offside defense 5 yards to the TCNJ49, NO PLAY.
B4-11T49Collin Hoffmann punt 36 yards to the TCNJ13, fair catch by Ryan Ross.
Drive: 4 plays, 19 yards, TOP 01:33
T1-10T13TCNJ drive start at 01:11 (2nd).
T1-10T13Jeff Struble rush for 17 yards to the TCNJ30, 1ST DOWN TCNJ.
T1-10T30Timeout TCNJ, clock 01:03.
T1-10T30Jeff Struble pass incomplete to Jeff deZutter.
T2-10T30Jeff Struble pass incomplete to Jeff deZutter (Joe Pereira).
T3-10T30Jeff Struble pass incomplete to Alan Kotteles (MikeMaciejewski).
T4-10T30Jeff Struble punt 32 yards to the BROCKPRT38, Tim Hall return 0 yards to the BROCKPRT38 (Steve Fischer;Travis Boff).
Drive: 4 plays, 17 yards, TOP 00:34
B1-10B38BROCKPRT drive start at 00:37 (2nd).
B1-10B38Zack Luke pass complete to Shannon Brinson for 11 yards to the BROCKPRT49, 1ST DOWN BROCKPRT.
B1-10B49Zack Luke pass intercepted by Sullivan Parker at the TCNJ15, Sullivan Parker return 16 yards to the TCNJ31.
Drive: 2 plays, 11 yards, TOP 00:16
T1-10T31TCNJ drive start at 00:21 (2nd).
T1-10T31Jeff Struble rush for loss of 16 yards to the TCNJ15, out-of-bounds (Joe Pereira).
T2-26T15Jeff Struble rush for 10 yards to the TCNJ25, out-of-bounds (Joe Pereira).
T3-16T25Jeff Struble sacked for loss of 5 yards to the TCNJ20 (Joshua Day).
T4-21T20End of 1st half, clock 00:00.

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