Julia Corbett

Dear Reader,

Below are some of my published works. Next to each link, there is a brief summary about each article. There are links to articles about special events on campus, an investigative piece, profiles of student leaders, and freelance feature stories.

-Articles from The Signal

Mail van fire story. This article holds the most significance to me as a writer because it is a testament to my versatility. This piece was the most challenging work I have faced thus far as a journalist.

Homecoming feature. This day-long endeavor forced me to interview the most amount of people I ever have for an article.

The Postelles. I was given the opportunity to interview some of the talent that comes to The College of New Jersey.

New Integrated Performing Arts minor. This article is about a new minor at The College of New Jersey. It was wonderful feeling to be the first person to break the news to the campus community at large.

The Goods. This is a semi-annual student open-mic performance. This article was written during the second semester of my freshman year.

My experience at Seventeen. This is my first editorial-type piece.

-Articles from Her Campus TCNJ

Campus Celebrity profile. This is a profile of the Director of the College Union Board, the event planning group on campus.

Sophomore Blog. I write a blog for Her Campus about sophomore year. This is a sample blog post. I credit this blog for getting me into online writing.

-Articles from patch.com Prom. Feature article on prom night. This is a freelance piece for Ridgewood's patch.com.

Town celebrity profile This was a story about the man behind one of Ridgewood's most successful weekly events.