Lab Roles

Ethics Coordinator: This person ensures that all lab members have completed IRB training and has on file certificates of IRB training; develops a lab manual that covers ethical issues in general and specific to given studies; reviews feedback forms from each participants to monitor any problems; develops a resource flyer for participants who complete studies on services available at TCNJ and locally for relationship problems; and prepares IRB submissions (new protocol requests or addendums to protocols) for electronic submission.

Recruitment Coordinator : This person manages recruitment and scheduling of participants through PIPER. Other recruitment mechanisms are developed through flyers. This person also works on outreach to recruit new lab members.

Data Manager: This person is in charge of developing a system to keep track of participants information and the SPSS data base for lab studies. This person ensures data is stored efficiently and moved through the coding processes in an organized fashion.

Narrative Coding System Coordinator : This person is responsible for making revisions to the coding manual based on group discussion and feedback as pilot interviews are analyzed. Other responsibilities include making sure all interviewers are following the interview protocol through periodic checks of the transcribed narratives, leading extra training session when needed and ensuring that lab members are trained in revisions to the coding system.

Narrative Reliability Coordinator : This person is responsible for organizing, monitoring, and calculating the inter-rater reliability of the narrative coding system. This person is the lab expert on inter-rater reliability.

Tech Coordinator : This person is responsible for making sure all the equipment (tape recorders, microphones, transcribers are working well and develop a use manual for how equipment works. Other tasks include website development (using dream weaver software) for recruitment of lab members, participants and outreach to the TCNJ and broader community.

Scribe: This person keeps up-to-date meeting notes, disseminate these notes to all lab members and develop a system for organizing email correspondence and lab communication.