Remember Virginia TechDr. Peter J. DePasquale

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, TCNJ


Welcome to my web site.  Here you can find information about my contact information, research interests, publications, and software you might be interested in using.  For the really curious, you can read more about me and my background.

Generally speaking, I teach introductory-level programming courses for both computer science majors and non-majors.  I have a strong interest in application development using cloud computing resources, as well as the creation of tools and techniques for teaching CS1 and 2 (the introductory programming sequence). I am the principal investigator of the COMTOR project.

I am an associate professor of computer science, and among other duties, I am a co-adviser to the ACM chapter, manage the computing cluster, organize our hackathon, oversee our internship (for credit) offering, and manage our subscription to the Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance.  I also serve on various departmental, school and college committees.  In my spare time (when I have it) I enjoy going to movies, Broadway shows, heading off to Atlantic City to play some blackjack, and I enjoy travelling.


Please email me if you would like to make an appointment to see me.  No appointment is necessary during my office hours. My schedule is available on my office door. I no longer maintain an on-line schedule.