Remember Virginia TechDr. Peter J. DePasquale

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, TCNJ

Web Sites of Interest

Listed below are a number of web sites that I regularly read and enjoy.  Got an interesting one?  Send it along!

Fun Sites

  • Piled Higher and Deeper - "Piled Higher and Deeper" (PhD) is the comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia
  • Indexed Blog - A math-based way of making fun of some things and understanding others
  • StockXChng - Have a need for free stock photography for projects, presentations, or web sites?  This is the place to go.

Technology Related

  • Slashdot - Slashdot is the definitive community-based web site to stay up on tech news (and other issues).  Read it often!
  • Webware - Interested in web applications?  This site from stays current on all of the newest web sites (mostly Web 2.0) that extend the software platform from the desktop to web.
  • Soundsnap - Soundsnap is a free online sound library and community for sound designers and producers. People can upload sounds and share them with the world.
  • Zamzar - I discovered this site for converting files from any format to any format.  (Well, not any format, but it seems like it.)  I did have some problems with PDF to DOC, but other conversions were flawless.  Check them out.


This is just a small selection of sites that I think you should check out.  Periodically I'll add more.