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Course Schedule

History: AFAM205 and HIST285
Fall Semester 2002
Instructor: Christopher Fisher
Office hours:11 AM-12 PM, 2-3 PM, before and after class [Kendall Hall, Room 218]
Office: (609) 771-2717

AFAM20502/HIST 285 is a study of black cultural and social development from African contact with Europeans to the American Civil War. We will study African culture, European expansion, the beginning of the transatlantic economy, and the significance of slave labor to the development of American society.  Each issue will presented as a debate that might imply something about the evolution of contemporary social, political, and/or economic relations.  Using a collection of reading materials the course will look into the challenges that African-Americans and European American faced when trying to negotiate their differences.  Consequently, this course will be as much about the creation fo the American republic as it is about the struggle and eventual emancipation of displaced Africans.

Classes will meet twice per week for about eighty minutes.  The class will follow the standard lecture format unless there is a class discussion or presentation.  The class will be responsible for two papers, a short writing assignment, and a final exam.  The papers will be on the Williams and Jordan books.  Each student, however, will be assigned to a discussion group and graded on the groups performance in class.  The rest of the course grade will come from class participation and attendance.  Credit will also be given for regular participation on the SOCS discussion board (https://delphi.tcnj.edu:83/).  Here you are expected to pose questions, spark debate, and answer questions to generated by other classmates or the professor.

Below is the grading framework for this course:

Paper (2 @15%)/Discussion:                               30 %
In-Class Discussion                                             10%
Short Writing Assignment:                                    10%
Final Examination:                                                30%
Class Attendance/Participation:                            10%
Message Board Participation (SOCS):                 10%

Book to Purchase: The following books are available at theTCNJ bookstore.
Eric Williams, Capitalism and Slavery.
Winthrop Jordan, The White Man’s Burden.
Silvia Frey and Betty Wood, Come Shouting to Zion
Peter Kolchin, American Slavery.

Additional Readings (Mandatory) are marked as the following ***. These readings are mandatory and can be found on reserve at TCNJ’s library or downloaded in PDF form from the library website at: http://www.tcnj.edu/~library/research/tips/reserve.html.  If you download the readings, the assignments are listed by course and/or professor.

Also, another textbook has been placed on reserve at the campus library for your convenience: Franklin, John Hope and Alfred Moss. From Slavery to Freedom


Class Assignments