Daniel Ferrer

As part of GGSB, I will be working in Dr. O'Connell's lab for the rest of my years at TCNJ. In Dr. O'Connell's Lab we study maternal regulation of early development in zebrafish embryos. We study the roles of the gene products from maternal mRNAs, and the regulation of their expression at different stages in the embryo. We are currently focusing on four genes, zsquida-d, that are related to the squid gene in Drosophila, which is critical for dorsal/ventral patterning, and we are determining whether the related genes in fish play a similar role during vertebrate embryogenesis. This semester I will be looking for recently published papers on zebrafish that use micro-injections and morpholinos. I am specifically looking for different controls used in these experiments and what sample sizes of embryos are used. This is all in preparation for long term micro-injection research with zebrafish.

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