Gabrielle Haak

I am from Jefferson Township, NJ, where I went to Jefferson Township High School. I first became interested in Biology during my junior year of high school, in AP Biology, taught by Mrs. Hopper. Having the Gateway to Graduate School in Biology program here at TCNJ during my freshman year strengthened my decision to go into research and was a wonderful way become more involved in the biology department altogether. It made the ultimate goal of being a biologist seem much more attainable and desirable by showing me what I could look forward to. This year I am taking a half-credit research course in Dr. Wund's lab which studies the model organism stickleback fish. The lab focuses on how organisms (stickleback fish) respond to novel environments via phenotypic plasticity, behavioral changes, and how both can result in the evolution of a species. Currently, I am reading various papers of previous studies, and The Evolutionary Biology of the Threespine Stickleback by Bell and Foster, in order to decide what direction I would like to go in over the next three years I will be in the lab. I really love working in the lab because it has a friendly atmosphere, and I really enjoy learning about the research the more experienced students are involved in. I look forward to developing my own research project, and experiencing what it is like to be in a lab for an extended period of time.

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