Amanda Soler

My name is Amanda Soler and I am from Middletown, New Jersey. I went to Middletown High School North and this is where my interest in Biology started. I have always been interested in the sciences, and wanted to continue my education in Biology at TCNJ. With this in mind, the Gateway to Graduate School in Biology (GGSB) offered a program that deals with everything I am interested in. After getting to know the professors in each mini-rotation and working with students I formally decided to join Dr. Thornton’s lab. The primary focus of the lab is to study specific enzymes in Arabidopsis Thaliana that are essential in plant biochemical pathways that help them grow! My portion of the lab deals with harvesting seedlings, isolating DNA to genotype the plants for future crosses and to assist my fellow lab member in seedling size analysis between wild type, heterozygous and mutant Arabidopsis plants. All the lab research thus far has made me super excited to keep working and learning more about plant genetics in Dr. Thornton’s lab and for the rest of my time here at TCNJ.

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