Thomas R. Hagedorn


1.Primes of the Form x^2+ ny^2 and the Geometry of (Convenient) Numbers

2.The Probability of Relatively Prime Polynomials in Z_{p^k}[x], with Jeffrey Hatley


Recent Papers

4. Symbolic computation of degree-three covariants for a binary form, with Glen Wilson, Involve, 2(5), (2009), 509-530.

3. Computation of Jacobsthal's Function h(n) for n<50, Mathematics of Computation 78 (2009), 509-530.

2. Applying the Grid Computing Paradigm within a Liberal Arts Academic Environment, with Monisha Pulimood, In Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Grid Computing Applications.

1. Zeros of a Real Linear Recurrence of Degree n>= 4, Compo. Rend. Math. Acad. Sci. Roy. Canada 27(2) (2005), 41-47.


Honors Papers

1. Jeffrey Hatley, On the Rank of the Elliptic Curve y^2 = x(x − p)(x − 2), 2008-09.


Capstone Papers

6. Jeffrey Hatley, Hasse-Minkowski and the Local-to-Global
(Presentation), Spring 2009.

5. Chris Westenberger, Enumerative Geometry and Universal Families, Spring 2009.

4. Scott Binski, Constructions on the Lemniscate, (Powerpoint), Fall 2008.

3. Michael O'Keefe, The Paillier Cryptosystem: A Look Into The Cryptosystem and its Potential Application, Spring 2008.

2. Colette Nbida, “Introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography,” Spring 2008.

1. Thomas Rivella, “Mathematics of Computer Vision,” Spring 2008.