If you go to the movies
And say, “One Senior Please!
or enjoy a summer evening
watchin’ birds roost in the trees,

You might have seen a 1950 film
That today is rather camp.
It’s about a drifter cowboy
And it’s called “Saddle Tramp.”

But if you spend your evenings
Watching reruns on TV
And burned your bra in protest
In nineteen seventy three.

You may have sung the cowboy words
To a Charlie Daniels song.
A tune by the name of Saddle Tramp
It wasn’t very long.

But if you think that 8 track
Is a place to catch a train,
And beef comes from the butcher shop
Instead of from the plain.

Then you are surely misinformed
Or simply do not know.
Or think a saddle tramp’s a cow girl
Who’s standards are very low.