He arrived at the ranch from the East
Well, perhaps not, but Ohio at least.

He quickly became known as Slim
'cause from the side you can't see much of him.

He's done quite a lot in his life
Short of having a wife.

He's ridden bulls in the rodeo
At least he has told us so.

And for a while he was a Marine,
'Though I've never seen one so lean.

He claims he weighs 185
But in jeans he looks barely alive.

Training horses? - He's certified,
Unless, of course, he has lied.

You see he's a cowboy at heart
And like cowboys, he does play the part.

The things that a cowboy will say
Are worth less than hand full of hay

And I have known quite a few,
And what counts is what they can do.

So ignore all their claims to fame
Whether substantial or lame.

He's good with a rope and a horse
And can make you smile, of course.

And for a cowboy, that's all you can ask
That he does quite well at his task.

So Slim's a great cowboy - I think.
But then - he's too young to drink.


Dedicated to Trey (Sim) Donavon, wherever he may be.

I did run into Tray at a Bob Evans restaurant in Delaware, Ohio a couple of years later, which was an amazing coincidence since I'd heard he was in Montana or Wyoming. He was married and had his wife with him. Later I heard he was divorced and working Florida. I'm sure he would say he was down there wrestling allegators, but I'll probably never know.