The 4th of July is a special day
for folks in many lands
From Russia to the Balkans
and even the Netherlands.

How can that be? -- you ask with doubt
cause you know your history
You say it is OUR special day
The day that we were free.

And I know that they don’t celebrate
this famous day abroad
Especially our friends the Brits’
who on our shores once trod.

I spent a 4th on British land
one Summer years ago
An in a pub some local boys
still fought their bruised ego

A fight broke out up at the bar
and quickly spread to me.
I had to fight the Brits again
so that I could be free.

And back in 1969
I fought in Vietnam
while folks back home did protest
and questioned who I am.

To go abroad and fight again
so others could be free.
Of course I really didn’t have a choice
Canada was too cold for me.

But many folks around the world
are free to live today
because of wars that we have fought
since our Independence day.

And even though they have no 4th
to watch the rockets glare.
They have all the other days
to thank God we once were there.