She came from Lawrence, Kansas
with a shy and quite smile
and we all began to love her
though she only stayed a while.

She had been here a week or two
when cupid came to call.
He wooed her with his boyish charms,
and with his Texas drawl.

They spent a lot of time at night
on walks and drives quite late.
We all wondered where she was
and what might be her fate.

In left-hand gulch she garnered fame,
but it was worth the cost --
Of missing out on dinner
when she got her guests quite lost.

The PI was her place to go
they knew her there quite well.
She often came to have a drink
and just to sit a spell.

I tried in vain to stop her
from smoking Camel’s best.
I told her it was bad for her
And would ruin her nice chest.

Her horsemanship was not that great
but it certainly did improve.
That is until her last ride out
when a tree she tried to move.

Like all of us she has her faults
but she’s worked out just fine.
In spite of all that’s wrong with her.
I sure wish she was mine.



Dedicated to Kate Sledgister, a former wrangler and great gal from Lawrence, Kansas
who ended up marrying a very lucky guy, and they now live in Eugene, Oregon.
I still love you, Kate!