A Hike to Lake Evelyn

The hike was fun for healthy folks,
but I was feeling ill.
In fact I started feeling bad
before we reached the hill.

I’d eaten ribs the night before
and corn and beans to boot.
so when we started up the slope,
my bod’ began to toot..

The closer to the lake we got
the sicker I became.
The cramps began to take their toll
the beans were sure to blame.

Now I have eaten beans before
and oft times felt inflated.
But never have I suffered so
or felt so irritated.

The cramps were joined by nausea;
I started sweating so.
And then the pain became severe.
I really had to go.

I lingered till I was the last
and stopped to tie my shoe.
And when the folks were out of sight,
I did what I had to do.

Now I know the woods are filled with life
like elk and deer and bear.
Who do things like this all the time
and never seem to care.

And even my domestic horse
while walking down the trail
can do such things without much fuss
by lifting up her tail.

However I’m more civilized
and used to more decorum.
But when I saw some old pine cones,
I found a new use for ‘em.

Now it’s been years since I took that trek
to that so-called mountain heaven.
But all I saw, or can recall
was the devil-in, lake Evelyn.


This was written about my first time at Aspen Canyon Ranch (1990) when I was a guest.
I never took that hike again, although I did it a number of times on a horse.