I left the comforts of my car
and walked a ways - but not too far,
and sat beside a mountain stream
to rest a while - perhaps to dream.

To think of all that I had done;
of battles lost and battles won.
But sights and sounds erased my fears
of life-long trials and passing years.

Snow-capped peaks in lakes below;
a moose with calf who moved so slow.
A million pines so straight and tall;
meadow flowers so frail and small.

I watched an eagle soaring high
from granite spires to deep-blue sky;
and wished that I could take its place,
to see its world - and have its grace.

And then I thought that I would climb,
but yet I knew there was not time.
My destination was so far,
and greater yet - to reach my car.


Note: An early poem written while on vacation in Glacer National Park.