It was half past eleven
when my group of seven
were heading back down the trail.

We’d been out since ten
and I had a great yen
to eat lunch and check my mail.

I wanted to run
and have some fun
and perhaps get home even faster.

So I asked -- with hope
if they wanted to lope,
not knowing it would end in disaster.

They all said “yes”,
So how could I guess
that lunch was hours away.

I spurred my horse
and they followed - of course,
as we began our last ride of the day.

As we picked up the pace
I turned my face
to see how the riders were fairing.

And watched in dismay
as the one on the bay
completely lost her bearing.

At first she just listed
and then she twisted
And bounced two times in the dirt.

She lay very still
like a bag from Goodwill
so I was quite sure she was hurt.

Thus we all found out
that she should not have been out,
her deficiencies were now all a buzz.

Her skill in the sport
was vastly short
She knew not what loping was.

I later inquired
what had inspired
her loping - a feat never done.

She paused, then said
with a shake of her head.
“I thought it sounded like fun.”


I don't recall the lady's name who was the victim in this tale, but she was unable to ride for the rest of the week,
and she never returned to the ranch after that, so I guess her dude days are done.