He hails from Texas or Oklahoma or such.
I'm not really sure, but it don't matter much.

His truck tells the tale of where he has gone.
With it's dents and its dirt, from hither and yon.

He just shaved his head - there's no hair to be seen.
I don't know why, but at least now it's clean.

It soon will grow out and be long and lush.
But not before looking like a toilet bowl brush.

He's good with horses and women as well
Though which he likes better, it's real hard to tell.

He has a real talent for poetry and prose.
And singing, and dancing, and picking his nose.

He has a white hat that's really unique
It's classically old, and has dirt on its peak.

But what matters the most, is what he can do
That he's willing to work, and see a job through.

He works like a dog from morning 'till night.
If he keeps on like this, he might yet get it right.

Both at work and at play, he's a pleasure to see,
He's a darn good ranch hand, much better than me.


Note: I wrote this about Travis Leonard who worked at the ranch for two years.
He got married and now lives in Brighton, Colorado with his wife Jess.
You can see Travis at this link. "Travis"