My horse and dog stand quietly beside me
as we watch the day slip away
behind the mountains that frame our world
of silence and self reflection.

Its magnificence is more
than they can comprehend,
but its beauty is not what keeps them
quiet and respectful by my side.

It's the companionship of living creatures
sharing a common association, identity,
and a mutual affection,
that transcends the moment.

I can not imagine being here
and not being able to share.
That they might not understand
is not a discomfort to me.

We quietly savor the moment,
as loved ones so often do,
without having to say
or do anything.



Note: Both my horse, Black Jack, and my dog Ben were with me at the time, and they passed away a few years after I wrote this. But I still frequently watch the sunset from that spot and know that they are with me, as was Nina for 13 years after Ben died. Now my dogs Dugan and Fiona watch that sunset with me.