She came from out of nowhere
and quickly won my heart
with her quiet, gentle shyness
that made me love her from the start.

Her large brown eyes enthralled me
with their soft and curious gaze
that easily communicated
in so many different ways.

Mountain living made her wise
and cautious for her youth,
and at our first encounter
she was careful and aloof.

We slowly grew to love and trust
and respect each other’s space.
We saw each other daily
at the appointed time and place.

But our time together ended
almost as it began.
I would like to go and find her
but I don’t know if I can.

So it’s best to let her have her way
and accept our parting fate.
though I still go to our favorite spot
and hope that she’s just late.

The times we spent together
were the best I’ve ever had,
and I hope that she still thinks of me
for that would make me glad.

Because it’s most important
to have someone to care.
So it really doesn’t matter
that she was just a bear.



Note: Winnie was a black bear who appeared in my driveway one June day, eating some dog food that my friend Jeff had dropped. Winnie chased my dog, Ben, away but didn't seem to be concerned about me. I went and got an apple and gave it to her. Yeah, I know, you aren't suppose to feed bears. Well I made an exception. Winnie came back the next day and I put some dog food out for her. Then it became a routine, and every afternnon she would come and I would feed her. This went on until I had to leave in August. I never saw her again.