‘twas the night before Christmas
along County road three.
Not a creature was stirring
in snow past your knee.

And down at the ranch
where the dudes once stayed.
Where music and children,
and adults all played.

There was nothing but silence
and ghostly moon light.
Which cast subtle shadows
bringing life to the night.

The corral was long empty -
it was easy to tell,
‘cause the horses were gone
and so was the smell.

But all of a sudden
there arose such a clatter,
folks ran to the window
and saw “him” on a ladder.

Expecting Saint Nick
they received a surprise.
It was only ol’ Reed
in his new pair of Levis.

He was fixin’ the lights
which no one would see,
‘cause there weren’t no traffic
on County road three.

But Christmas is Christmas
wherever you are.
And the spirit is strong
though friends may be far.

So they laughed and they shouted
and they hooted with glee,
for it was still Christmas
on County road Three.