Do you really care? Okay, I was born in Lakewood, Ohio a long time ago. Now I live in Pennsylvania, which is practically like living in Ohio. Between living in Ohio and moving to Pennyslvania, I lived in Michigan, Texas (twice) California (four times), Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Guam, Vietnam, New York City, Delaware, and New Jersey. In the Summers I now live in the mountains of Colorado with my horse and dog. It is much nicer there than most of the other places I've lived, mainly because there are very few people, and the ones who do live there think being a college professor was a big deal and a highly paid job. (It wasn't.)


I'm not really a native American unless you count the fact that I was born in America. People who are born in China are considered native Chinese, so why can't I be considered a native American. Something is wrong. Actually I'm 1/8th Iroquois, so I am native American in the eyes of affirmative action folks and most people who are not native Americans, but even if I weren't, I would still claim to be.

The picture above shows how I would like to occasionally dress for work, but then people would think I'm even stranger than they do now. I dressed like this for work once, on Columbus Day, to remind folks that Native Americans were here for thousands of years before old Christopher got lost and blundered into North America. Life was simpler back then, but I'm not so sure the clothes were. I'm retired now and look older than this, but inside I'm the same.

These pictures are not how I normally look either. In one I was attending the wedding of my former fiancée. In the other I was a bar room cowboy. You don't want to see how I normally look.

My Philosophy:
Stop and smell the dandelions
The Cab Ride