Look at the first picture below and you can see where this guy broke through the guard rail and left the road, traveling from right to left (where the people are on the road). He hit the edge of the culvert and flipped across it, landing on the left side of it.

The second picture shows you how lucky he was.

Here's what Urban Ledgends had to say about it:

Comments: True. Notwithstanding some initial skepticism when these images first began circulating in January 2007, they are authentic, unretouched photographs of a real accident that occurred on State Route 59 near the city of Hurricane, Utah on December 30, 2006. According to a CNN report, Hurricane police chief Lynn Excell has confirmed the entire sequence of events.

The vehicle, a 1991 GMC pickup, was going an estimated 83 miles per hour when the driver lost control, skidded 92 feet onto the right shoulder, swerved across both lanes of the highway onto the opposite shoulder, then crashed through a barricade, striking the culvert below with such force that the truck sailed through the air, flipping end over end, landing upright on a narrow, unpaved right-of-way 20 feet away, approximately one foot from the edge of the deep ravine shown in photo #3. There were no critical injuries.

A police spokesperson described the incident and its fortunate outcome as "amazing."