The Binocular building in Venice, CA is occupied by the Chiat/Da/Mojo Advertising Agency.

This house is located on Signal Mt. in Tennessee.

This building was built in 1975 and is the
Bondurant Pharmacy in Lexington, KT.

This ice cream shop is in Perry, Michigan.

This is Lucy the elephant, a well known site in Margate City, NJ. It was built in 1881, weighs 90 tons and is six stories high. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Built in the 1920's in High Point, NC and is currently occupied by the High Point Jaycees.

Longaberger Basket Company owns this
building in Licking County, Ohio.

A residence in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The Duck House was built in 1931 by duck farmer Martin Mauer and his wife, Jeuel to promote the sale
of their Peking ducks. It has been moved from its original site and is now in Suffolk County, NY.

Frank Redford built this wigwam gas station and restaurant and the Wigwam Village Motel in the
1930's in Horse Cave, KY.

Shoe magnate Mahlon Haines built this house
in Hallam, PA in 1948. It is now a home-made
ice-cream parlor.

This replica of the Santa Maria was built in 1928 to promote a housing development called Neptune Gardens, and is now a book and curio shop.

This odd building is located in Orlando, Florida.