Someone who "stumbled upon" my web site has finally shed some light on this photo -- which already has more light on it than it probably should have.

"I remember reading an article about a photographer who invited/arranged large groups of people to show up at a public place and strip at a given time with drill team precision for one roll of film on a motor drive camera. This was usually done in the early morning hours to avoid clothed bystanders and the police. The event in the article covered a picture of naked bodies tangled around an Italian fountain on an open square. Everyone stripped in one area, ran to the fountain and lay down, then ran back to their clothes. Each had a friend to hold their clothes and prevent theft. Of course a few bystanders get caught up in the moment and join in the fun, but without a "clothing protector"... well you can guess what happens to a few of them! I don't recognize the picture on your site, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was by the same photographer."