Spring is a special time on college campuses. It is especially so in those areas of the country where winter provides a stark contrast. The semester begins with cold, snowy weather that gradually improves—along with students’ dispositions. By the time it is warm enough for t-shirts and bicycles, the trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the nights of studying are coming to an end. Exam week is the culmination of student anticipation of good things to come, as well as the stresses that build towards final exams, grades, GPA's and, for some, the beginning of careers.

As I watch the last two seniors complete their final exams and head out the door, I cannot help but recall the comings and goings of so many of them over the years. Now, each of these seniors, in his or her unique way, is about to embark on a new and unknown journey. It is the spring-time of their lives. I had the pleasure of watching them grow and mature, if only for a brief few years, and I share their excitement of the new and unknown, but not without some nostalgia about my own life.

Looking out the window, it is a bright, warm, and sunny day. Some students are relaxing on the grass—books open. Several students jog past, and many more are walking here and there on their way to an uncertain future, but with hope and anticipation. And I am envious.