Job title: Professor of Management. Actually I'm an Assistant Professor of Management, but who cares. It just means I do more of the same things for less money and I'm more humble about it.

Key responsibilities: No one ever told me my responsibilities were "Key."

What I really do at work: If you really want to know, hold any key down. If you are using Netscape, then you'll never know, because it is a piece of crap software package that doesn't recognize standard HTML behaviors.

What Others Do Where I Work: Click here to watch them.

Department or workgroup: I was once Chairman of the Management and Marketing Department, but then a paranoid dean eliminated departments and the positions of chairperson.We didn't have departments for ten years and then another new dean reinstated them. But by then I'd learned my lesson and wouldn't be a chairperson again for twice the salary. I've learned not to confuse my career with my life.

Course Web Site: I was criticized for not having any course information on my web site. Of course that criticism came from people who had little else but course information on their web site, so we can pretty much discount their input. Most faculty don't have web sites and don't have a clue about how to have one. The vast majority of people surfing the web don't give a damn about me or what I teach. They want nice graphics, humor, and occasionally some information.

However, since The College of New Jersey is being nice enough to host my web site without charge, I guess some reference to what I do here might be of interest to a few students who are considering or actually taking my classes. If you really want to know more about these courses you can go to my Course Web Site where you will see what I teach, how my students are doing (grades) and what they think of my classes.

I use to maintain a web site for alumni of the School of Business. I updated it on a regular basis since my real friends are my students and the alumni, but with the lack of support I received, I'm not sure why I bothered. The School of Business Dean stopped allowing it to be linked to the School web site because he is a micro-manager and didn't trust anything he couldn't control. Then I committed the sin of having a photo of a student drinking something that "might" have been beer at a college homecoming tailgaiting party. The college couldn't have anyone in the general public thinking that students might drink beer at such an event, so after 10 years of work, my alumni web site was eliminated.

For a while I was also maintaining an advisement website for current students, but the administration not only did not support it, but actually totally ignored it and the fact that it existed, so I gave up. So much for trying to help the students. But as Dr. Phil Chamberlin, a professor of higher education at Indiana, once told us in grad school, "Universities don't exist for the students. They exist for the faculty and administration." So there you have the sad truth.