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My research interests are in the area of applied water resources engineering.  Specifically my focus is on
open channel flow hydraulics (bridge and culvert analysis, bridge scour, and sediment transport),
storm water management (design and development of Best Management Practices), and engineering
hydrology (peak flow predication).

Click here to view my doctoral dissertation which focused on ascertaining the driving mechanism which leads
to the development of scour at the upstream face of blunt nosed piers.

Recent Principal Publications are shown below

Refereed Journal Articles

Horst, M.W
., Traver, R.G., “Multi-Year Performance of a Pervious Concrete Infiltration
           Basin BMP
”, Accepted for Publication - Journal of Irrigation and Drainage (ASCE),
           October 2011

Braga, A., Horst, M.W., Traver, R.G., “Temperature Effects on the Infiltration Rate        
             through an Infiltration
Basin BMP”, Journal of Irrigation and Drainage (ASCE),
             November/December 2007, Vol. 133,
No. 6, 593-601

Johnson, P.A., Hey, R.D., Horst, M.W., Hess, A.J.,  Aggradation at Bridges”, Journal of
Engineering, February 2001, Vol. 127, No. 2, 154-157.


Refereed Conference Proceedings

Horst, M.W., "Temperature Effects on Shallow Water Infiltration Rates in an Underground Rock Bed
            BMP", 2010 International Commission of Agricultural Engineering World Congress
            Proceedings, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Horst, M.W., “Application of Particle Image Velocimetry in Hydraulic Engineering Research,
            2009 International Association of Hydraulics Research Annual Congress Proceedings,
            Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Horst, M.W., Traver, R.G., “BMP Pollutant Removal Efficiency”, Proceeding of the  
2008 American Society of Civil Engineers – Environmental & Water Resources
          Institute (ASCE-EWRI) Congress Proceedings, Honolulu, HI.



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