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REMINDER: Presidents of club sports should send any updated club information to so their websites can be updated. Thank you.

Welcome to all club sports staff, alumni, current and future players! This is the TCNJ club sports homepage, where you can get up to date information on overall club sports news. If you are looking for a specific sport webpage, you can find it in the dropbox under "Club Sports" in the toolbar at the top of the page.

Rule changes put in effect during the 2013 Fall season that need to be made aware of for the health and safety of all students participating in the sport club program:

  1. All students, staff, and faculty may participate in the Sport Club program. A student is defined as a person enrolled in The College of New Jersey that is paying a student activity fee. Alumni and non-students are not allowed to participate. They are allowed to assist the team as a coach but must fill out the necessary forms (that can be found on sport club web page) before starting. All club sport teams must follow their respective league policies concerning student participation with regard to enrollment policies and procedures.
  2. Green Lane is closed until after Spring Break.
  3. Since Green Lane will be closed until after Spring Break, please inform all of your players that if they trespass on Green Lane your team will face suspension for the entire academic year. The College is being very strict with this rule.
  4. Please inform your players that before participating in any activity that they should be cleared by their physician to allow them to participate in an activity.
  5. Please make sure that all required paperwork is turned in to Debbie Simpson before the first scheduled practice. Roster, waivers, coaches’ contract, code of ethics - all can be found under the "Club Forms" tab. All coaches and/or advisors must sign a contingency work form from the college which will be turned in to human resources so that they can be given an ID card and parking pass. The Contingency work form can be found on the Human Resources web page. Coaches and/or Advisors cannot participate in practices or games until that form is completed and turned in to Debbie.
  6. Please feel free to contact at any time with any concerns or questions. A downloadable copy of these rules can be found under the "Club Forms" tab. We look forward to an exciting and challenging year.

Green Lane Playing Field Rules

  1. No food or beverage permitted on or around playing field. This includes, but is not limited to: chewing gum, sunflower seeds, tobacco and cigarettes.
  2. Only players and coaches allowed on benches and field of play.
  3. No bicycles on or around playing field. They should be chained up on bike racks outside of playing areas.
  4. Players and spectators can park in the parking lot until full. Once lot is full they can park in parking garage on campus and walk over bridge to field. An area close to the bathrooms will be open only to staff and lions' EMS.
  5. Portable bathrooms are located on the premises.
  6. Water and injury ice and ice bags will be located on team benches. Cups are not supplied. Teams are encouraged to bring own water bottles.
  7. Campus Police: 609-771-2345

Lions' Stadium and Soccer Complex Rules for Club Sports

  1. No food or beverage permitted on or around playing field. This includes, but is not limited to: chewing gum, sunflower seeds, tobacco and cigarettes.
  2. Only players and coaches allowed on benches and field of play.
  3. No bicycles on or around playing field. They should be chained up on bike racks outside of playing areas.
  4. No metal cleats.
  5. Only rubber soled shoes allowed.
  6. Bathrooms are located at both facilities.
  7. Water and an injury ice and ice bags will be located on team benches. Cups are not supplied.
  8. Campus Police: 609-771-2345

Below you can find all of the information and forms necessary for the 2011 Fall club sports season. Please fill out the forms and give to Deborah Simpson in the REC Center as soon as possible. Each of these form must be filled out to allow your club sport to be eligible for its representative season.

Hazing Policy Code of Conduct
Club Council Form Waiver Form
Match Form Roster Form
Base Budget Request Form Contract for Referees
Emergency Vehicle Procedures
Working as a Paid or Volunteer Employee for The College of New Jersey Intramural and Sport Club Department Sport Club Practice Request Form
Tax Exempt Form
Sport Club Fundraiser Approval Form
Coach Waiver Coach/Instructor Agreement
Tournament Home Game
Alumni Form Contingent Worker Authorization
Executive Board Minutes Template

Located on The College of New Jersey's campus, 118 participants ran or walked to support the memory of three former Club Sport athletes whom have passed away due to illness or tragic events: Kathleen Walsh - Women's Club Soccer, Ken Johnsen - Men's Rugby, and Jason Cairns - Men's Rugby. This event was also held to raise awareness for club sports on campus. In the future, two club sport members at TCNJ will be selected for an award in honor of the three former club sport student athletes.


The Club Sports Program Director, Deborah Simpson and her Assistant Ed Dean would like to thank the following people for making the 2nd Annual Fun-Run a success:

  • Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
  • Campus Police
  • Tiffany Rhea, Jen Keller, Brad Woodend, Shawn Dean, and Amber Rylak
  • Club Sport Teams
  • Club Sport and Intramural Supervisors
  • Honored Guests: Darlene (mother of Kathleen), Kevin (father of Kathleen), and Kelly Walsh (sister of Kathleen); Alyssa Cairns (sister of Jason), Ashlee Meneleey (fiance of Jason), and Charlie Jae (daughter of Jason).
  • Campus EMTs

Congratulations to the top three male and female participants. Map


Place # Time Name
1st 125 17:57 Dan Johnston
2nd 124 18:53 John Irvine
3rd 123 20:07 Johnny Sisto


Place # Time Name
1st 408 20:39 Rachel Scup
2nd 432 21:05 Ashley Meneely
3rd 405 21:25 Kathleen Walsh

Please note: If you have any discrepancies with the times posted please email the Director of Intramurals/Recreation at



# Time Name Place
125 17:57 Dan Johnston 1 (M1)
124 18:53 John Irvine 2 (M2)
123 20:07 Johnny Sisto 3 (M3)
137 20:21:00 Kevin Janz 4
408 20:39:00 Rachel Scup 5 (W1)
150 20:42:00 Emad Iqbal 6
404 20:52:00 Joseph Walsh 7
432 21:05:00 Ashley Meneely 8 (W2)
148 21:24:00 Dongyoung Kim 9
405 21:25:00 Kathleen Walsh 10 (W3)
153 21:48:00 Gregory Caprioti 11
433 23:20:00 Stephen Shiffer 12
152 23:25:00 Carlin Dunn 13
139 23:26:00 Neil Damato 14
420 23:27:00 Brianne Verhoog 15
144 24:05:00 Elizabeth Davis 16
431 24:18:00 John Russo-Miello 17
128 24:19:00 Deanna DeCongelio 18
413 24:20:00 Bianca Venice 19
430 24:53:00 Taylor Lazicky 20
417 24:55:00 Hannah Wey 21
147 25:00:00 Julie Kayzerman 22
120 25:05:00 Zach Duffy 23
141 25:05:00 Erin Decker 24
415 25:07:00 Ryan Monaghan 25
407 25:08:00 Victoria Zielenski 26
119 25:36:00 Katerina Chong 27
424 26:04:00 Emily Petras 28
140 26:16:00 Matt Davis 29
122 26:44:00 Michele Deluise 30
131 26:45:00 Allie Cullen 31
412 26:47:00 Melissa Maiorelli 32
422 26:50:00 Matthew Pogue 33
429 27:18:00 Pete McGrath 34
410 27:32:00 Bethanie Loffredo 35
145 27:41:00 Nicole Ciaccia 36
136 27:56:00 Allison Johnsonbaugh 37
135 27:56:00 Rebecca Fielding 38
421 27:56:00 Megan Mihalik 39
418 27:56:00 Amanda Liebenberg 40
138 27:56:00 Emily Czar 41
403 27:56:00 Brittany Logan 42
117 27:56:00 Jesse Jones 43
142 28:03:00 Mark Delcy 44
149 28:06:00 Amy Bachman 45
428 28:20:00 Douglas Lehnart 46
118 28:41:00 Ellie Barkin 47
419 28:48:00 Joe Millard 48
409 28:53:00 Stephanie Rindosh 49
121 29:01:00 Kristyn Chiarello 50
126 29:02:00 Jennifer Dougnan 51
411 29:04:00 Calea Stiles-Schatz 52
130 29:04:00 Steph Kollmer 53
132 29:59:00 Victoria Glacalone 54
134 30:06:00 Rachel Adelman 55
416 30:20:00 Brianne Sinclair 56
414 30:21:00 Emma Rotella 57
127 31:59:00 Kristen Adams 58
133 31:59:00 Edith Duggan 59
129 32:05:00 Brianna Anthony 60
406 32:05:00 Elizabeth O'Brien 61
143 32:21:00 Brian Cole 62
146 32:21:00 Lisa Dmarisico 63
151 45:48:00 Colleen Dykeman 64
425 45:48:00 Jacqueline Pabon 65
426 45:48:00 Kelsey Schroepfer 66
423 45:48:00 Brittany Pare 67