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Courses Taught at TCNJ


MEC 381 Mechatronics (New Course)

An introduction to the analysis and design of mechatronic systems including actuators, sensors, microcomputer,

conditional and interfacing electronics and mechanisms. Course work includes weekly lectures and hands-on


Special thanks to Prof. Allison Okamura and  Prof. Louis Whitcomb at Johns Hopkins University for adopting their

handouts and class notes for this course.



ENG 232 Manufacturing Processes (Redesigned Course)

An introduction to the basic processes, equipment, systems of modern manufacturing. The concept of Design for

Manufacturability (DFM) is emphasized through the course.  Laboratories are integral parts of the course.

These labs cover metal machining, plastic shaping, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, CAD/CAM, and CAE.


ENG 142 Fundamentals of Engineering Design

An introduction to the study of engineering design and technical drawing. Feature-based, parametric solid modeling

CAD software, and free-hand sketching are used throughout  the course. Design activities includes a reverse

engineering project and an open-ended project.


MEC/ELC 483 Robotics (Redesigned Course)

An introduction to the fundamentals of robotics in kinematics, dynamics, control, trajectory generation, actuation,

sensing and design.  Laboratories involving computer simulation,  building mobile robots and operating manipulators

are incorporated to reinforce the basic principles introduced in the lecture.


MEC 463 Mechanical Engineering Lab IV (Redesigned Course)

Experiments related to mechanical vibration and stress analysis. Virtual instrumentation using LabVIEW is incorporated

for measurements and data collection.



ENG 232 Statics

It is the first course in Newtonian Mechanics, which focuses on the concepts and principles related to forces

and moments on static rigid bodies, equivalent systems of forces and equilibrium conditions.



ENG 262 Dynamics

It is the second course in Newtonian Mechanics, which focuses on the relationship between the motion of rigid bodies

and the corresponding causing forces.



MEC 441 Vibration Analysis

Vibration is the study of the repetitive motions of objects. This course introduces mathematical models and

responses for free and forced vibrations.