Sample Lesson Plan



This lesson was used as an introduction to a unit on personification .  




Name:              Kristin Lawson             Date:                    October 14, 2003        Grade: 8 (sped)

Subject:            Language Arts             # of students:        15

Title:                Personification              Time Estimate:   1 period (88 minutes)



Objectives:            1)            SWBAT identify personification in Beauty and the Beast characters


"Do Now":            Personification worksheet


Procedure:            1)            Review Do-Now

         Make a chart w/ characteristics, human? animal? and give definition of personification

                            2)            Watch clip from Beauty and the Beast (accompanying worksheet)

         "Be Our Guest" scene, twice (about 15 minutes)

         What is the character? What does it do?

                            3)            Discuss and list characters and their traits on the board (poster)

         Wall poster (made with a blueprint copy machine and pictures from the Internet) with pictures of characters and space to write characteristics next to each

                           4)            Watch another clip of Beauty and the Beast

                           5)            Write a paragraph about one of the characters - what is personified 

                            6)            Homework


Assessment:     Students' Do Now will be corrected (check mark for completion);

                        In-class work will be graded -

(15 points - 3 points for each character, 6 points for paragraph)


Proficiencies:            NJCCCS          3.1.F4



Materials:         1)         Do Now sheet

                        2)         Beauty and the Beast video

                        3)         Beauty and the Beast companion worksheet

                        4)         Character poster

                        5)         Markers

                        6)         Homework sheet


Homework:      1)         TV / movie personification sheet



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