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Ways to Search the Catalog

There are several options for searching the catalog:

Type of Search

What It Does
Keywords Anywhere Locates any records that include your search term or terms. This includes the title, author, subject headings, and--if available--the table of contents.
Title Searches for titles beginning with the words you enter
Author Used to locate items by a particular author
Boolean keyword Used to combine search terms
Title (keyword or phrase) Searches for titles using words or phrase
Author/Composer Used to display titles alphabetically when a particular author or composer is searched
Subject Heading Locates records for items using Library of Congress subject headings
Call Number Searches by call number
Topic/Subject Locates any records that include your search term(s) in the subject headings

In this section of LINKS, you'll learn to search by Title, Author, Subject Heading, Keyword and Reserves. You'll also learn how to view your own checkouts and renewals.

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