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The following directories are included in the yourLINKS download:

Contains documentation for LINKS, including resources for librarians and educators, credits, ideas for the use of the tutorial, and the Open Publication License.

Contains the files associated with the "definitions" button on the navigation bar and from hyperlinks throughout the tutorial.

Contains all images for the LINKS tutorial.

module1/  module2/  module3/  module4/  module5/ module6/
contain the files and movies associated with respective modules in LINKS, including quizzes.

Contains movie files for the individual pages.

The following individual pages are included in yourLINKS:

module_choice.html | The module choice page

contents.html | Lists the contents for all of LINKS

exit.html | Lets users leave LINKS with various choices in returning to the library site, goes with "exit" on the navigation bar

index.html | Main homepage for the tutorial

index-text-only.html | Text-only information about LINKS accessibility

help.html | Help options page

comments_form.html | Comment form

comments_return.html | Comment form verification page

first_time_visitors.html, first_time_visitors_page2.html, first_time_visitors_page3.html | Information for first time users of the LINKS tutorial

survey.html | Survey form for LINKS